National Seminar 2018

ICT Application In Changing Face Of Agriculture

January 19-20,2018

About the seminar

Rapid changes are taking place in socio-psycho- economic and technological environment across the world and as expected agriculture cannot remain unchanged. The changes taking place in climate and market have aggravated the problems of farmers Persisting challenges like declining factor productivity, depleting natural resource base, infrastructural bottlenecks and decreasing profitability especially, rural youth who are demotivating farmers are getting disenchanted with agriculture. Agriculture is no longer considered as ‘Uttam’ (Best) ‘Vyavasay’(Occupation).
These changes demand introspection, exploration and implementation of farmer-worthy programmes with the help of suitable technologies and policies. ICT has wider and deeper application in education, research, extension, farm and market (EREFM), the potential of which is yet not fully realized. The all pervading features of ICT led to organize the National Seminar on the topic “ICT Application in Changing Face of Agriculture”